Logo Original Henrys Sleeping

Step 1
Book on our website: www.henrys-sleeping.de. Select your desired room, and you will automatically receive your booking confirmation.

Step 2
Click on the turquoise “View” button in the booking confirmation to open your digital guest portfolio. You don’t need to install an extra app for this.

Step 3
Now it is best to fill out and sign your registration form digitally immediately (but at the latest before check-in). The information requested is required by law and is needed for check-in.

Step 4
You are welcome to look through the guest folder to find out some information in advance.

Step 5
On the day of arrival you will receive another mail and you can do your digital check-in in the guest folder. If this was successful, you will be assigned your room number directly.

Step 6
Once you are at Henrys Sleeping on the ice canal, you can re-open the digital guest folder on any device with internet access (cell phone, tablet or laptop) and then have access to the “Door opening” item. If you have no reception, you are welcome to log on to our in-house WLAN. You will find the access in your guest folder under the item “WiFi”.

Step 7
For door opening, please go to your assigned room and swipe your finger from left to right under the “Door opening” item. Now your door will open. You do not need to lock the door, this all happens automatically. The device does not need to be held to the lock, it is enough if you stand in front of the door.

Step 8
On the day of departure you will find the item “Check-Out” in your guest folder. You can do this on your own and will automatically receive your invoice afterwards.

Step 9
We wish you a safe journey home.